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Lip Color Correction \ Neutralization

Victress Beauty Lounge’s Lip Neutralization service aids you in getting rid of uneven patches or dark spots on your lips as well as enhancing the natural colour. The procedure includes tattooing pigment onto the lip and achieving an overall uniform shade. The benefits of Victress Beauty Lounge’s Lip Neutralisation also include uniformity in the shape highlighted by the lip colour as well as a smudge-free look. 

Lip color correction & blushing tips on dark lips

Lip blushing on dark lips is a semi-permanent lip color correction service performed on dark lips by using advanced cosmetological techniques. Dark lip color correction brightens up a dull face by adding natural-looking, bright shades to dull, dark, or pigmented lips. Lips become plumper and more juicy as their color and brightness improve. 

Lip Color Correction is ideal for those who have small or thin lips. It goes without saying that it makes the person appear younger. It has the effect of naturally bright and youthful lips rather than lipstick.Read More

Lip Color Correction \ Neutralization Before And After

Lip Color Correction

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Victress Beauty Lounge Microblading: Perfect brows, no pencil, precision, time-saving solution.

Specialized tools for Combo brow service, manual or tool-based procedures.

Ombre Brow: Thicker brows, painless, and polished finish.

Victress Beauty Lounge Brow Lamination: 2-step process – cream to separate strands, strengthen and form bonds.

Over the past several years, the beauty industry has seen a surge in the latest techniques and treatments.

Victress Beauty Lounge Eyelash Extension: Customized lashes, enhanced beauty, even and dense.

Lash Lifting & Tinting for captivating eyes, natural strand preservation.

Lash Tinting – Enhance color, denser finish for light lashes.

Getting your eyeliner perfect can be a struggle for even the most seasoned of makeup wearers – so why not get it perfected permanently by a professional PMU Artist?

Victress Beauty Lounge also treats your lips with tattoo shading for a long-lasting lipstick-like effect

Get rid of uneven patches or dark spots as well as enhance the natural colour.

Beauty spot tattoos to add a unique touch to your appearance.

Scalp micropigmentation, also known as a hair tattoo, can cover bald spots or thinning hair without surgery.

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