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Your Guide To Permanent Eyeliner :

Getting your eyeliner perfect can be a struggle for even the most seasoned of makeup wearers. But with permanent eyeliner by a professional PMU Artist, you can wake up with flawless eyeliner every day.

And if you’re about to Google “eyeliner tattoo near me,” Victress Beauty Lounge can save you a lot of time! From bold striking wings to subtle lash enhancements or a cat eye permanent eyeliner, there are so many options you can explore. 

Permanent eyeliner is a cosmetic procedure, also known as permanent makeup or PMU, where a specialized tattoo machine is used to deposit pigment along the lash line. This technique mimics the appearance of traditional eyeliner, offering a semi-permanent solution for individuals seeking enhanced definition and a long-lasting, hassle-free alternative to daily makeup application. 

The process, from consultation to perfection, involves discussing your desired style, customizing the eyeliner to suit your features and lifestyle, and undergoing a precise and meticulous application for lasting results. To learn more in detail, contact our permanent makeup experts at Victress Beauty Lounge in Mumbai

Read on and discover the process of how this facet of permanent makeup works, from start to finish!

Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent Eyeliner Cost
Permanent Eyeliner cost
Permanent Eyeliner cost


Permanent eyeliner is a form of permanent makeup (PMU) wherein a specialized tattoo machine is utilized to implant pigment along the lash line, mimicking the appearance of traditional eyeliner. This procedure, often referred to as an eyeliner tattoo, is performed by experts at Victress Beauty Lounge in Mumbai and offers a range of styles such as bold wings, subtle lash enhancements, or smoky effects in various colours.

The advantages of a permanent eyeliner treatment include enhanced definition along the lash line, particularly beneficial for individuals who have lost their lashes or seek subtle enhancements. Additionally, a more prominent eyeliner look can be a time-saving solution for those leading busy lives and is especially convenient for holidays, eliminating concerns about smudged eye makeup. An eyeliner tattoo at Victress Beauty Lounge is notably popular among clients in Mumbai facing challenges in achieving makeup symmetry due to shaky hands or vision impairment.

The most commonly requested styles are:

  1. Lash enhancement – subtle definition through the lash line with a soft blend
  2. Winged liner – a wing or flick extends out above the crease of your lids on the outer corners
  3. Shaded liner – a soft, smokey line diffusing out from the lash line like smudged pencil
  4. Butterfly liner – a bold look, with shading through the lash line, up onto the lid and through the crease.

Artists may use different terms for these styles, so a comprehensive consultation when you visit Victress Beauty Lounge is recommended, feel free to bring inspirational photos!

Permanent eyeliner typically lasts from 3 to 5 years, depending on factors such as age, lifestyle, and skin type. To maintain the freshness of your liner, it is advisable to schedule a colour boost every 18 months, as recommended by the experts at Victress Beauty Lounge for all forms of PMU. Visit our branch in Mumbai to find out more!

Costs for permanent eyeliner treatments vary among artists and clinics, so it’s essential to review pricing details when making your appointment. Contact Victress Beauty Lounge to know more!

Initially, the designated area will be numbed using a topical cream. Subsequently, you’ll engage in a consultation with your artist at Victress Beauty Lounge regarding your preferred style and colour of liner – there’s a broad spectrum of colour choices for permanent eyeliner, ranging from black and blue to green and even purple!

Following your decision, the artist will outline your liner design using a pencil, allowing for any adjustments before the actual tattooing process begins.

Once you’ve finalized your style and colour, the artist commences the tattooing using body-safe pigments and specialized machines designed for delicate areas. Throughout the procedure, a second topical cream is applied to numb your eyelids, ensuring minimal discomfort.

Upon completion of the treatment, your artist will conduct an eye bath – a process involving the flushing of your eyes with sterile water to remove any residual ink or debris. Subsequently, our artist will provide detailed aftercare instructions before you leave.

Permanent eyeliner tattoos are generally well-tolerated. However, experiencing minimal discomfort is normal. Many clients describe a tickling sensation resulting from the movement of eyelashes. The consistent application of numbing in the area ensures a pain-free experience. The experts at Victress Beauty Lounge in Mumbai make sure your experience involves more comfort and less pain.

Permanent eyeliner is a safe procedure with decades of expertise supporting its practice. The artists at Victress Beauty Lounge undergo rigorous training, ensuring high qualifications and comprehensive knowledge of the entire process. Notably, the wet line of the eyes and the corners are never tattooed, and the eyes remain closed for the majority of the treatment. So, when you visit our branch in Mumbai, we make sure your experience is safe and comfortable!

After undergoing permanent eyeliner treatment at Victress Beauty Lounge, some discomfort and swelling in the area are normal during the initial 24 hours, but these effects will diminish with proper aftercare.

Refrain from applying eye makeup for one week and avoid rubbing the eye area during the four-week healing process. Keep the area dry for approximately five days and apply a soothing balm as recommended by our artists in Mumbai.

Similar to other permanent makeup (PMU) treatments, the pigment may appear to fade initially, but this is a natural part of the skin healing process. Around the four-week mark, the pigment will resurface to its full colour. A retouch appointment is typically scheduled 4-6 weeks after the initial treatment to address any gaps and make necessary adjustments.

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Getting your eyeliner perfect can be a struggle for even the most seasoned of makeup wearers – so why not get it perfected permanently by a professional PMU Artist?

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